Junior Sport Monofin with Socks


Junior Sport Monofin with Socks

KAUFEN Monofin Junior Sport Monofin with Socks

Junior Sport monofin + socks   +100,00 €

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Monofin Junior Sport Monofin with Socks

Monofin is with special junior measures ~ length 55x width 65 cm.
The blade consists of 18-21 layers fiberglass constructed especially for fins producing, which provide extremely resilience and reactivity.

Foot pockets from soft rubber.
Neoprene socks protect your foot and make the fins more comfortable to wear.
Monofin have rubber ribs and rubber under the sole.
Monofin weight ~ 1,4kg

Original monofin blade color is Black.
Monofin with YELLOW blade - price not change.
Monofin come with a one year warranty for materials and craftsmanship

Production time 3-5 days.
Delivery time 3-7 days (depending from destination).

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