Hyper Professional CMAS Competition

Hyper Professional CMAS Competition


Leaderfins Bi-Fins Monofins 2022 Catalogue
Monofin Hyper Professional CMAS Competition
Hyper Professional CMAS Competition   +430,00 €

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Production time 20-30 days.
Hyper Professional - Leaderfins Pro Line - handmade monofin.
One of the best hyper monofins in the world available nowadays.

The monofin was developed especially for athletes who take part on the speed competitions.

The monofin has handmade rubber foot pockets that fit swimmer's feet perfectly and give the best possible power efficiency during the kick.
Fiber blade makes the monofin lighter, more responsive, resilient and incredibly reactive.

- Hyper Pro monofin with an angle in foot pocket ~ 22 degrees.
- The blade is made of a high quality multilayered fiberglass, which is considered to be the best for monofins manufacturing.
- High quality foot pockets from soft rubber work like a natural extension of your legs.
- Monofin (with foot size 43-44) dimensions ~ 72 x 70 centimeters.(width x length).
- Monofin weight ~ 4 - 4,20 kg

After order payment we ask additional information by email (weight, age, foot measures, aims and etc.)
Delivery time 3-7 days (depending from destination).

Foot size chart:
Size Chart