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Black Camo Stereoblades


Black Camo Stereoblades

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Limited Edition Black Camo Stereoblades

Blades options:
PURE CARBON - Blade is made of high quality mixture of epoxy resin and carbon fiber.
CARBON FIBER - Carbon Fiber blade (Sandwich construction) - the blade consists of 2 carbon fiber layers (upper and lower) with fiberglass between them. Stiffness (thickness) of the blade is achieved by addition of fiberglass layers between the top and bottom layers of carbon fiber.
FIBERGLASS - Blade is made of high quality mixture of epoxy resin and fiberglass.

- Blade dimensions ~ 80 cm long x 20cm wide.
- Angle ~ 20 degrees.
- Rubber rails attached to the blade provide maximum efficiency in water flow redirection.
- Pair of blades weighs ~ 0,8 kg (Medium stiffness).

Delivery time 3-7 days (depending on the destination).

Why Limited Edition so Special?
1 - Special wearproof design by Leaderfins. The image on the blade is protected from scratches by the protective film and will not wear off for a long time.
2 - The Limited Edition project was born in order to show customers how Leaderfins loves them.

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