Designer Foot Pocket with Blade Set | Accessories

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Designer Foot Pocket with Blade Set

Designer Foot Pocket with Blade Set


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Production time 7-14 working days.

Designer Foot Pocket with Blade Set | Accessories

These hand-colored/coated foot pockets are a designer work. All images were made using graphic software for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.

All designer foot pockets are handmade in Europe, using only safe/non-toxic paint.
This paint is quite durable but we advice handled foot pockets with care.

The foot pocket inside paint can be white or black, you can not choose that.

Comfortable foot pockets from soft rubber (TPR).

Please follow the foot size chart to choose the correct size. If you are planning to wear 3-5 mm socks then please choose the next size. Example – according to size chart your barefoot size is 43-44 => with 3-5 mm socks you should choose size 45-46.

Foot pockets weight:

Size - 31-32 - 620 gr pair
Size - 33-34 - 630 gr pair
Size - 35-36 - 670 gr pair
Size - 37-38 - 690 gr pair
Size - 39-40 - 770 gr pair
Size - 41-42 - 780 gr pair
Size - 43-44 - 800 gr pair
Size - 45-46 - 880 gr pair

Foot size chart:
Size Chart

Video presentation FORZA: