Advanced Monofin with Socks

Advanced Monofin with Socks


Leaderfins Bi-Fins Monofins 2022 Catalogue
Monofin Advanced Monofin with Socks
Advanced monofin + socks   +€140.00

Price: €0.00

Production time 7-14 working days.
- Monofin with wings. The wing construction reduces turbulence, stabilizes the fin and makes your kick more powerful.
- The blade is made of high quality multilayered fiberglass.
- Monofin dimensions with foot pockets size XL ~ 72 x 68 centimeters (width x length).
- Monofin weight ~ 1,95kg

Available blade colors: black and yellow.

Delivery time 3-7 days (depending on the destination).

Foot size chart:
Size Chart