Another fantastic idea for Christmas are the Leaderfins Limited Edition fins and blades. We have seen so much of the offer by Leaderfins, which puts together a lot of choice in materials, blade lengths, angles, and foot-pockets. Now is the time to look at the extraordinary Leaderfins Limited Edition solution. These fins, or simply the blades, have so many beautiful graphic designs well protected by special film.


How they are made
The Limited Edition versions require additional 60€ compared to the standard fiber glass and sandwich (carbon fiber) versions. The 100% carbon fiber solution required additional 65€ to have the Limited Edition graphics. The additional cost is determined by a double film positioned on both sides of the blade. The first is the one containing the Special Edition graphics. The second is transparent and protects the graphics against scratches. The film is of a special material and quality so to resist a very long time without coming off the blade. In addition, the special material does not practically influence the elasticity and bending of the blade, apart from a very limited effect. Of course, if performance is the total focus evidently the 100% carbon fiber blade with no decoration not protection is the best choice.

A huge offer of beauty

There are so many different graphic solutions for the Leaderfins Limited Edition. We have counted an amazing number, around 100 different graphics for really any need and taste! We have received 3 different models, one more beautiful than the other!

Semitransparent Rainbowline
One pair of blades is the Semitransparent Rainbowline. Due to the fact that the blades are semitransparent, they are only offered in fiberglass. This is evidently necessary as carbon fiber is black, and cannot be transparent. The angle available is only the 20°, while lengths are all: 60, 70 and 80 cm. The blades are available in Extra Soft, Soft and Medium. Also the water rails (ribs) can be selected in different colours, which indeed for the Rainbowline can be a very nice solution. Such colours are black, blue, pink, red and white. The same applies to foot-pockets. All Leaderfins foot-pockets match the blades. With the Forza models you can select the same colours of the water rails. Nice! Only the blades on the Leaderfins website cost 110€.


Another pair is the Sirens. Also available in the semi-transparent solution, the fins received show beautiful shades of blue and golden profile scales. These Limited Edition blades are offered in glass fiber, sandwich (called carbon fiber) and 100% carbon fiber solutions. All Leaderfins foot-pockets can be matched with these blades of course. This means it is possible to match them with the various colours of the Forza foot-pockets. The only length available is the 80 cm, while softness can be Extra Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard. Also the angles available are 20° and 33°. Water rails colours can be black, white, red, pink and blue. The glass fiber blades cost on Leaderfins website is 145€ (excluding taxes and shipping). For the sandwich carbon fiber version cost is +25€, and for the 100% carbon fiber version you will need 50€ more.

Among the most attractive of the “infinite” Limited Edition versions by Leaderfins, are for sure the Creature blades. These are the only ones, among the Limited Edition blades received, that have a different images on the front side and the back side of the blade. On the front side, a beautiful whale appears, drawn with a stylized technique. On the back side an iceberg is present realized with the same style. These blades are offered in the 3 materials with either 20 ° or 33° angles. The only length available is 80 cm. The softnesses available are Super Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard also depending on the material used. Again, all the different colour foot-pockets and water rails are available.