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About Leaderfins

Our production team consists of active and former finswimmers, who have experience in fins production more than 30 years. All our fins - for finswimming, freediving, lifesaving, spearfishing, surf, and underwater games – are professional and custom made. 
Our company is international and has manufactories in different parts of the world. We organized our work in such way that each stage of fins producing takes place where it is the most optimum.
For our fins we use high quality fibreglass and hand-laminated multilayer mixture of resins and other chemicals, which are vacuum processed in special moulds. Fibreglass is the material tested for years in the highly resistant fins and monofins with widely and well-known results in international competences. Proof lies in the results: National Championships, World Championships, and World Records, which have been accomplished by athletes using Leaderfins.
We are one of the few companies who give manufactory guarantee for all products for a year.
You can see us at almost all great championships.
We are always open for your questions. Contact us to be the Leader!
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